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LRSA Officers:

President: Matt MacConnell, 610-657-2707
Vice President: Vince Spaits, 215-272-3175
Secretary: Steve Chuckra
Treasurer: Tom Gyory
Merchandise: Chuck Morgenstern
Webmaster and Newsletter Editor: Matt MacConnell

LRSA Board of Directors:

Gary Klein, Chuck Morgenstern
Tom Gyory
Greg Gliwa
Matt MacConnell
Vincent Spaits
Jim Deeble
Steve Chukra , Karl Imdorf

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Mission Statement
The Lehigh River Stocking Association is a nonprofit, 501C-3 public organization dedicated to the restoration, revitalization and restocking of the Lehigh River. Our goal is the continuous improvement of this waterway and its tributaries. Our objectives are to insure clean water, a healthy and balanced ecosystem, an abundant fishery and access points for all citizens to enjoy. This will be to the benefit of all interests; including the businesses located throughout this region, the sportsmen and the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This project has been ongoing for two decades with great success. We need and ask for your support for this outstanding program to continue.


Please go to our facebook link to view stocking videos, latest fishing pictures and info on angling

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2016 Spring Ticket Winners - Thanks everyone who participated in this fundraiser. The winners will share in the $500 cash prizes and are posted below.

The order of tags picked designates the prizes level and these are all $25 except #1 is $100, #9 is $50, # 11 is $50 and # 19 is $100. The ticket number is hand written on each ticket.

Lunkerfest2016 results - The contest went off without a hitch on May 21, 2016. River conditions were great and expec ted rain was limited to a couple light sprinkles. Well over 100 trout were caught and and over 50 prizes with total value over $1000 awarded based on fish size (limit one prize per contestant). The LRSA stocked $5,200 worth of trout for the contest and this included more than twenty over 20" and five over 27". The income from the event will nearly cover all costs. Thank you to all those who participated. Special thanks to the prize donors including (in no particular order): LL Bean, Cabela's, Skinner Guide Service, Rivers Outdoor Adventures, Wayne's Custom Rods, Jim Thorpe River Adventures, Whitewater Challengers, Wack'em Guide Service, Steve Chuckra, Hill's Taxidermy, Sky Blue Outfitters, Ranger Lake Roid and Gun Club, Blue Mountain Fish and Game,AA Outfitters, Flies by George, Bass Pro Shop, Chris's Outodoor Sports, Getzen Getsit LuresSchylkill Trout Unlimitied, Big City Tackle, Coplay News Agency, Wildlands Conservancy, Archery at the Glenn, Wellington Sorts, Anglers Pro Shop, Willie Marxs Bait Shop, Crhis Gatly, BC Baits, and more.

Lunkerfest 2016 Winners in order of fish caught (tied size are in order of time measured)

28.25" RB, 14lbs, 7 oz Craig Mangold   continued -     Continued -  
24" RB Paul Melicharek   17.75" Brn Kevin Miller   16.25" RB Chase DeLucca
21.25" RB Chris Fox   17.5" Brn Bob Mauser   16" RB Chuck Kowalchick
20.75" RB Mike Bianchi   17.5" Brn Jim Sullivan   16" RB Frank Lukitsch
20.75" Brn James Marion   17.5" Brn Tim Solowej   16" Brn Mike Shupp
20" RB Bob Weller   17.5" RB Kenny Sutton   16" RB Josh Agosto
20" Brn Matt Moyle   17.25" RB Don Roth   16" RB Jamie Hawley
19.25" Brn James Stauffer   17.25" Brn Matt Burns   15.75" Brn Brad Hendrickson
19" Brn Victor Vazquez   17.25" RB Paul Koutch   15.5" RB Jarrett Rodgers
18.75" RB Jesse Lapera   17.25" RB Josh Miller   15.25" Brn Greg Berry
18.75" RB Greg Kovach   17" Brn Chris Davis   15.25" RB Brandon Behler
18.75" Brn Clint Schafer   17" Brn David Lucykanish   15" RB Fred Foster
18.75" Brn Farren Frable   17" Brn Shane Bedell   15" Brn Paul Troutman
18.5" Brn Dale Dickey   16.75" RB Dale Beck   14.75" RB Garrett Bollinger
18.5" Brn Chris Krystopa   16.75" Brn Cheryl Krystopa   14.5" RB Michael Behrens
18.5" RB Mark Bollinger   16.75" RB Tommy Hynoski   14.25" Brn Nate Vetesy
18.25" Brn Ann Messick   16.75" RB Tyler Rodgers   14" RB Kyle Kendall
18.25" Brn Nate Hahn   16.75" RB Andy Rodgers   13.75" RB Chris Fox
18" Brn Joe Burns   16.75" Brn Jason Bristow   13.75" RB Miguel Ortiz
18" Brn Nick Gower   16.5" RB Chris Kerstetter   13" Brn Jeff Strohl
18" Brn Justin Santee   16.5" RB Stephan Miller   12.75" RB Quinn Horn
18" Brn Richard Callahan   16.5" Brn Chris Collings      
18" Brn Shwan Hutchinson   16.25" Brn Jim Hummell      
18" RB Ryan Scott   16.25" RB Keezn Kerstetter      
18" Brn Kevin Strunk   16.25" RB Galen Bollinger      


LRSA has stocked $28,000 worth of great sized trout in the Lehigh for 2016. Thanks everyone for the support.

water quality monitor deployed in Slatington on 31Mar16 for the season. One click link for the last 7 days of temperature, depth, sp Cond and pH

link for custom graphs NEW LOG ON where username is Lehigh River and password is LRSA


The fall ticket drawing was done at the Oct 27th meeting. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this important fund raiser. The winners will share in the $500 cash prizes and are posted below. The order of tags picked designates the prizes level and these are all $25 except #1 is $100, #9 is $50, # 11 is $50 and # 19 is $100.

August 2015 LRSA Newsletter

LRSA Recieves Grant of $15,000. We are delighted to announce that a source that wishes to remain anonymous has donated this very substationalad sum to our general operations. The LRSA board is now considering a range of projects and equipment that we can use to help advance the goals of our club. We will be discussing at the montly board meetings and will communicate our plans as they develop. thank you.

Late-Spring Ticket Drawing Results - The LRSA thanks everyone for the partipation in this vital fundraiser. The drawing ws held at the June 30th meeting.

#1. Richard Schnell, Palmerton; #2. Bill Pastucha, Summit Hill; #3. Joe Bnosky, Tamaqua; #4. Bill Bachman, Allentown; #5. Anthony Gutsie, Mahonoy City; #6 Carl Reichl, Catasauqua; #7. Anthony Gutsie, Mahonoy City; #8. Rick Ryan, Bethlehem; #9. Frank Hendershot, Ben Argyl; #- FiTicket was for fish fund but redrawn, #10. ? Weber, 570 area; #11. Bob Morris, N. Wales; #12. June Scharf, 570 area; #13. Joan Schisler, Philadelphia; #14. Jasmine Puibsomi, Danville; #15 Ronald Kehley, Warminster; #16. Edwin Palansky, Walnutport; #17. Leroy Schaeffer, Walnutport; #18. Andrew Hauer, 570 area; #19. Mike Birosik, New Ringold; #20. Rick Gonsky, Allentown. The order of tags picked designates the prizes level and these are all $25 except #1 is $100, #9 is $50, # 11 is $50 and # 19 is $100. Thank you everyone.

Lunkerfest Wrap-up

The 5th annual LRSA trout contest event was a big sucess, thanks to the 225 contentants who came out. May 30th weather was great and over 40 prizes were distributed. Most fish caught were released and some of the 48 measured fish were also released. The LRSA stocked nearly $6,000 worth of large trout split between Friday night and Saturday morning, including hundreds of fish in the 17 to 20+ range. This year LRSA opened the contest area to a longer stretch to give anglers more room and stocked 1/4 mile up to the confluence of the Lizard Creek and down to the pool exit at the top of the island. We also added a kids pool stocked with trout. The fish that were measured are listed in order of size below. Many thanks to all the folks that donated prizes for the contest. These prize donations came from: River Outdoor Adventures, Skinner Guide Service, Clearwater Angling Guide Service, Wack'em Guide Service, Wayne's Custom Rods, Hill's Wildlife Taxidermy, LL Bean, Archery at the Glen, Flies by George, Big Daddy Rods, Schykill County TU, Mo Gyory, Archery Addictions, Wink's Wildlife Studio, Cabela's, Timberwolf Spinners, Big City Tackle, Sky Blue Outfitters, Boyers Hardware, Coplay News Agency, Renaldo Enterprises, Wildlands Conservancy, Bob's Taxidermy, BC Bait, Chris's Tackle and Gotzon Gets it Lures. Special thanks to our Miss Lunkerfest ladies, the media who helped us advertise, the East Penn Fire Company for helping fill the kids trout pool, the kids facepainter and of course Big Brown Trout Hatchery for the excellent quality fish at the event. Jason Christman took the largest fish fly fishing a nympth and while he had wanted to release the fish, and relased all his other fish, we are happy to have the photo below to share with everyone. Check our facebook page for more pics and discussion (facebook). We look forward to Lunkerfest in 2016!

24 1/2 Rb Jason Christman   15 1/4 Rb Dale Edwards
23 3/4 Rb Kenny Sutton   15 1/4 Rb Matt Gibas
19 Br Victor Vazquez   15 1/4 Rb Marty Williams
18 1/4 Br Joe Elm   15 Rb Stephen Miller
18 Br Josh Eichler   15 Br Chris Krystopa
18 Rb Mark Bollinger   15 Rb Jason Moyer
17 1/4 Br Jim Sullivan   15 Rb Fred Foster
16 3/4 Rb Fadug Saloum   15 Rb Quinn Horn
16 3/4 Br Andrew Roberts   15 Rb Kevin Miller
16 1/4 Rb Augostino Amatteo   14 3/4 Rb Kevin Reed
16 1/4 Rb Galen Bollinger   14 3/4 Rb Tyler Rodgers
16 1/4 Br Dean Everett   14 1/2 Rb Bob Mauser
16 1/4 Br Stan Meckes   14 1/2 Rb Josh Miller
16 1/4 Rb Kermit Levering   14 1/2 Br Joe Mucka Sr.
16 Rb Chris Jadosh   14 1/4 Rb Shawn Sullivan
16 Br Jarrett Rodgers   13 1/2 Br Tommy Hynoski
16 Br John Abidelli   13 1/2 Br Zach Helman
15 3/4 Br Kenny Bretz   13 1/2 Rb Hunter Helm
15 3/4 Rudy Zastko   13 1/4 Rb Cody Chapkovich
15 3/4 Rb Joan Schisler   13 Rb Tom Mattis
15 1/2 Br Tyler Fenstemaker   13 Br Greg Berry
15 1/4 Rb Chace Deluca   12 3/4 Br Dale Beck
15 1/4 Rb Keegan Kerstetter   12 1/2 Rb Mark Graber


LRSA stocked the river May 9th with stops at Jim Thorpe, Packerton, Lehighton, Parryville, Bowmanstown, Slatington, Walnutport, Treichlers, Laurys Station and Northampton. 1700 50/50 brown rainbow split in 14-17" range with a 20" brown from Rick Ryan, a 24 inch brown for Dave Sfarra (in memory of his daughter Samantha) and two 20+" rainbows. Go to facebook for more interactive info. Over 100 fish were tagged. If you catch a tagged fish note tag number and location details and any other info you can share and go to our email or facebook page (both links on this page above left) to report or call the phone number on the tag.

LRSA stocking completed on April 12, 2015 at Northampton pavilion and Lafarge dam, Laurys Station, Treichlers, Cliffs, Pillars, Walnutport boat ramp and pavilion, and Slatington fabricators and 873 boat ramp. 1700 14-17" 50/50 brown/rainbow trout.

LRSA stocking completed on April 18, 2015 at Glen Onoko, Jim Thorpe, Packerton, Lehighton, Parryville, Bowmanstown, and Palmerton. 1700 14-17" 50/50 brown/rainbow trout.

March 2015 Newsletter

2015 Tributary Survey

Thanks everyone for participating in the Spring Ticket Drawing. The 20 winners are shown in the picture below. The prize numbers are listed on each ticker. Cash prizes are $100 for #1 and #19, $50 for #9 and #11, $25 for #2-8, #10, #12-18 and #20.

images/Lunkerfest 2015_2.pdf

If you shop on Amazon.com, please log onto smile.amazon.com and designate Lehigh River Stocking Association Inc. Amazon will then donate 0.5% of the order to the LRSA!


LRSA Promotional Video - 2014

If you shop amazon, please shop smile.amazon.com and then select the LRSA as the non-profit you would like to support. Thank you.

January 2015 Newsletter


2015 sponsorships are being accepted. The basic sponsorship price is now $25. The LRSA will be placing orders for the 2015 fish soon using our line of credit to obtain the early purchase discount. Thank you all for your support. Trout fishing on the Lehigh in 2014 was phenomenal thanks to all of you.
FYI - PA Outdoor Life Program that aired this past July is available on DVD. This features drift boat fishing on the Lehigh River. Don Jacobs host of the TV program floated the river with Paul Davidson (Skinner Guide Service) and Vince Spaits (LRSA Board who organized the event) while Tom Gyory floated his trout scout along side. On Tom's boat were the TV camera man, Matt MacConnell and Tom at the oars. Some nice fish were caught so we are looking forward to seeing how the show came out!
There were 17 tags retrieved from the Lunkerfest extended contests. Awards were mailed out to all those who sent in tags.

2014 Lehigh River Tributary Survey Completed June 8th, 2014. Download Report.

Lunkerfest 2014 a Success -

The event was held May 31st at Bowmanstown East Penn boat ramp area. Over 175 people registered. The Muskie pool was stocked with 600 lbs of trout ranging from 14 to 28". About 50 prizes were awarded to contestants in order of the size fish caught. Tagged fish continue to be eligible for prizes to be drawn at random at the June meeting (send any tags you catch in to our PO Box or bring to the June meeting (Wegmans in Allentown, Tilghman St. 7pm, last Tuesday of each month). The winners are listed below (we limited one prize per contestant). Many fish were released so we dont have a record of total fish caught but well over 100 fish. For photo collection click here.

Fred Foster 21" Palamino
Ryan Scott 20 5/8 Brown
Chris Collings 19 1/2 Rainbow
Jason Moser 18 3/4 Brown
Paul Davidson 18 3/4 rainbow
Kenny Sutton 18 1/2 rainbow
Tim Hummel 18 1/2 brown
Colin Wescoe 18 1/4 brown
Melissa Morgan 18 Tiger
Josh Eichler 17 1/2 brown
Matt Burns 17 3/8 brown
Josiahs Cooper 17 rainbow
Jeremy Sala 17 rainbow
Sean Mccollum 16 3/4 rainbow
Martin Williams 16 3/4


Chris Hill 16 3/4 brown
Jeff Strauf 16 3/4 brown
Bill Marlow 15 3/4 brown
Matt Gibais 15 5/8 rainbow
Kevin Reed 15 3/8 rainbow
Paul Troutman 15 5/8 brown
Joe Mucka Jr 15 1/4 rainbow
John Ermlick 15 1/4 brown
Andrew Sutphin 15 brown
Chris Collings 15 rainbow
Mark Bollinger 15 rainbow
Kenny Bretz 15 brown
Geoff Gallagher 15 brown
Charles Decker 14 3/4 brown
Skip Rothermel 14 5/8 brown
Joshua Disanto 14 1/2 rainbow
Cheryl Krystopa 14 1/2 brown
Chris Krystopa 14 3/8 brown
Daniel Comisac 14 3/8 brown
Chris Fox 14 rainbow
Jonathan Chevalier 14 rainbow
Larry Davis 14 brown
Chase Deluca 14 rainbow
Kevin Hoffmn 13 3/4 brown
Quinn Horn 13 3/4 brown
Chris Smith 13 1/2 rainbow
Austin Hunsicker 13 3/8 brown
Austin Rogers 13 brown
Faron Frable 13 rainbow
Matt Lear 12 3/4 rainbow
Tom Mattis 12 1/2 brown

Stocking completed May 11th - 1800 lbs of 12-15" colorful rainbow and brown (50/50 mix) were released between Jim Thorpe and Northampton on Sunday May 11th. Fishing reports in the river have been phenonmenal.

Thanks everyone for coming out to help stock 1800 lbs of 12-15" rainbow and brown trout (50/50 mix) on April 12, 2014. We started at the Glen Onoko pool, Nesquehoning bridge, Jim Thorpe train station area, Lehighton at Packerton Dip (strait back and then pump house and then the Kovatch hole), then Dunbar's beach. Then Parryville at the turnpike overpass and Pohopoco creek confluence. Then Bowmanstown 895 bridge, Lizard Creek confluence, East Penn boat ramp area, a few spots along the D&L trail near Bowmans Island, then finished up at the Palmerton horseshoe (Delaware Ave area). Great colors on these fish.

This compliments the 1800 lbs of 12-15" rainbow/brown 50/50 mix stocked March 29th in the lower section. This started at Northampton Canal road below the cementon dam, at the dam, then Laurys Station, then Triechlers (145 bridge and old dam location), then Walnutport (main st bridge, pavilion, and pillars) and finished at Slatington (Szokes and 873 bridge).

23" tagged brown in memory of Zach Paules. If you catch, remove tag and contact us for prize.

Rainbow colors are intense!

The LRSA successfully stocked the Lehigh River between Northampton below Cementon Dam, through Laurys Station, Triechlers, Walnutport and finishing in Slatington. 1800 lbs of 50/50 rainbow/brown mix in 12-15" class. Clip from Walnutport Poughkeepsie bridge (pillars). A 23" brown was released in memory of Zachary Paules, an avid Lehigh River angler who passed at the age of 23 in December 2013. The trout was tagged with orange #25, if the tag is retrieved please contact the LRSA for a prize. Video clip of the release below.


Please send in your sponsorship dues. We need the cash now to purchase trout for spring stocking. Thank you.

LRSA Basic Sponsorship: (#lrsa011)  Our most popular... Makes a great gift, for a great cause or renew your sponsorship now. Includes one year sponsorship, semi-annual newsletter, decal , badge (pin), card and S&H. $25.00 + $2.00 S&H. Total: $22.00
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For more water quality parameters please log on with instructions below and select the parametes of interest (additional parameters include % saturation dissolved O2, ppm Nitrate, ORP mV)


User Name: Lehigh River
Password: LRSA
(note, case sensitive)
Expand the subdirectories by clicking the + until the measurements are listed.  Click on the parameter of interest and the time range then the trend will be charted and data values tabulated.  Click on the "properties" tab to select the time window and/or to add multiple parameters to your charts.

We are working to clearly establishe Trout Stocked Fishery (TSF) and/or High Quality Cold Water Fisheries (HQ-CWF) conditions in the Lehigh between Carbon and Lehigh Counties. The Palmerton location is the mid-point in our trout stocking range between Jim Thorpe and Northampton and we hope to establish that Palmerton water conditions are also consistent with trout stocked fishery parameters. Given this, we will be in good position to continue lobbying the PA Fish and Boat Commission for assistance in stocking the Lehigh mainstem with adult trout. Probe data is historized so you can still view data from years ago in Jim Thorpe up till present time in Palmerton.



Memberships now being taken for 2014! New merchandise available - tees, sweats, hats

October 24, 2013 - Presentation to Lehigh Gap Nature Center of LRSA Conservation Work

New LRSA Meeting Location Time and Place (starting April 2013) -

When: Last Tuesday of each month, 7pm-8:30pm

Where: Market Cafe, Wegmans at 3900 West Tilghman St. in Allentown

July 2014 Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter

March 2014 Newsletter

PA Rep Doyle Heffley at podium with owner Kirt Kressley (left) at press conference at the Firefly facility. He was introducing a bill for shorter term limits for PFBC commissioners. The hatchery remains devoid of trout despite operation for over 100 years, all because trout stocked from the hatchery have been spawning in the adjoining creek, so now it is designated class A and the hatchery is not allowed to operate due to the associated "degradation". What a shame. Five 100 ft long 10 ft wide raceways could raise 30,000 trout + each year but now raises zero because of the DEP rule.


LRSA is working to get a cooperative trout nursery started at the former Kriss Pines trout hatchery in Lehighton. The current owners have renamed the facility Firefly Trout Hatchery. The PFBC has reported sufficient wild brown trout in the adjacent stream (Sawmill Run) to seek to classify the water as Class A. If this designation goes through, the hatchery can only operate if it does not degrate the receiving waters. LRSA is working on a plan to monitor water quality at the site. If the plan is approved, LRSA will work with the owners and with PFBC to raise trout at the location for 5 years to supplement trout stocking in the Lehigh. See article in Times News. Also see Morning Call article.



Thank you to Air Products and Chemicals for their generous 2011 contribution of $2,000 to support the LRSA water qaulity program. LRSA submitted grant application ($186,000) to US Fish and Wildlife for fishway at Parryville Dam. Unfortunately, the Growing Greener grant application ($50,000) we made was not successful, this was to study to improve performance of the Lausanne Tunnel AMD passive wetland treatment system and to address the untreated bypass flow in Nesquehoning Borrough (north of Jim Thorpe). This study will use flow data obtained from the flow devices LRSA installed last year with grant funds from Sierra Club. A third grant was also submitted ($21,000) to the US Fish and Wildlife for a Lehigh River water quality monitoring system to be installed in the Palmerton Area (intended to be on-line, like the one we have in Jim Thorpe) - but unfortunately the Palmerton water quality grant request was not accepted.



March 2013 Newsletter




Photo below of Paul Davidson (owner of Skinner Lehigh River guided float service) with 25" 7 or 8 lb rainbow trout caught on a silver/black rapala two days after Lunkerfest2012. Paul was a sponsor of one of our grand prizes, a float trip for two, and we are glad to see he landed this trophy trout.


LRSA Collaborates with Lehigh Valley Sierra Club and Wildlands Conservancy to install passive aerators at the Lausanne Tunnel abandoned mine drainage (AMD) site in Jim Thorpe. See report which shows how dissolved oxygen levels were increased from 10% to 15%. This increased aeration in the aerobic wetland treatment system will increase the amount of heavy metals (iron and manganese) that is settled and trapped in the wetland before entering the river.



Four days after Lunkerfest Joe Gocek (above left) caught this 26" 7lb 3 oz rainbow and his dad, Tom Gocek, caught the 27.5in 12 lb rainbow 12 days later. Bowmanstown has provided some trophy fishing this year, thanks to all who supported the LRSA Lunkerfest.

Contact LRSA - We want to know if you have questions, would like to comment on our programs or please also let us know if you have any complaints, we want to keep improving the organization. Our email is Lehigh.River.Stocking.Association@gmail.com

New: A four year profile of Lehigh River water temperatures - 2006,2007,2008 and 2009

If you havent renewed your sponsorship



We are low on sponsors this year for some reason and will not be able to meet LRSA stocking targets without your support.

Tight Lines.

Francis E Walter Dam Release Schedule - for details go to the Links Below. These are the presentations or press releases made to the public by the Army Corp of Engineers.

River Flow Rates - Click on the Link Below for Real Time Flows



Lehigh River Fisheries Management Plan
May 1, 2007
Prepared by:
David A. Arnold and Daryl J. Pierce
Fisheries Management Area 5
Division of Fisheries Management
Bureau of Fisheries
Pennsylvania Fish

Lehigh River named Pennsylvania’s ‘River of the Year'

DCNR Secretary Michael DiBerardinis this week named the Lehigh River as the commonwealth’s River of the Year for 2007.

Lehigh RiverThe designation recognizes the watershed’s role in eastern Pennsylvania history and its promising recreational future. The Lehigh River drains portions of 10 counties and stretches more than 100 miles.

“The Lehigh River is alive and thriving, with water quality better now than it has been the last 150 years,” DiBerardinis said. “There are scores of partners working to preserve, protect and enhance this great state resource, and its resurgence has pumped new life into the communities surrounding it.

“Once a historic transportation corridor for coal bound from Carbon and Luzerne counties to Philadelphia, New York and beyond, the Lehigh River helped fuel America’s Industrial Revolution,” DiBerardinis said. “Now, mountain bikers, hikers and hunters are seen where mules and canal barges hauled coal and other cargo. Where dams once contained the mighty river, anglers in great number now seek trout, American shad and other species found in a healthy waterway.”

DCNR annually designates a “River of the Year” to applaud local residents, governments, non-profit and conservation organizations working to improve waterways and the quality of life in their watersheds across the state.

The Lehigh River winds 104 miles from its headwaters near Gouldsboro, Wayne County, to its junction with the Delaware River in Easton, Northampton County. Its watershed drains Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Lackawanna, Lehigh, Luzerne, Monroe, Northampton, Schuylkill and Wayne counties. The Lehigh is the Delaware’s second largest tributary.


LRSA Feedback: Send your comments and suggestions.

Our Email: Lehigh.River.Stocking.Association@gmail.com

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